26 April 2011

SNSD - Mr Taxi MV (Dance Version)

Calling out  for Sone! SNSD is back with newest MV for their third Japanese single, “MR. TAXI“!

But it's only the dance version....

I must say, the song is pretty catchy! And the dance is kinda awesome. Makes me want to replay and replay the mv lol Yuri looks so different with her blonde hair lol I thought she was Jessica. And yeay Sunny gets lot of part! XD


  1. wahhh..1st time tgk tarian snsd mcm hebat gler..hahahah! mantap dowhh!! hahahaha..baju itam uh mcm baju hoot tp hoot warne gold..huhuh!

    ske lagu ni!! yupp, catchy! mr taxi taxi taxi!! tp tarian time chorus lawak sket tp ok laa ble tgk byk kali..ske part wave time supersonic hypertonic..hehehe

    btw, yuri cantek gler rmbut blonde!! =D

  2. @awin - taw xpe! cm hebat je tarian lol btol2, 1st tym tgk part chorus uh nak tergelak je rase XD suka part hyoyeon kat depan uh hot2. cantek ke, pelik je XD

    @blizzy - aa no problem


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