24 November 2011

A Pink - My My MV + Snow Pink 2nd Mini Album [Tracklist]

Next girl group from Cube Entertainment have already released their "My My" MV and also a mini album, "Snow Pink" for their comeback! :) A Pink which consist of 7 members is one of my favourite girl group. Hehe they are cute and able to sing very well yeah most of them are younger than me. lol XD

Cred: acubeent

I love them singing cute songs like this. I want them to stay with this cute concept, don't change to sexy and hot concept! Let 4minute be. Hahaha :p Haaa, I'am very impress with Eunji's vocal! Her vocal is the best! ^^ For those who haven't recognize them yet, check the below list okayh..

0:29 Bomi - Main Dancer & Lead Vocalist
0:39 Naeun - Vocalist & Visual
0:49 EunJi - Main Vocalist
1:41 Chorong - Leader , Vocalist & Rapper
1:52 Hayoung - Maknae (youngest member) & vocalist
2:01 Namjoo - Vocalist & Rapper
2:56 Yookyung- Vocalist & Lead Dancer

If you want to know more about the girls visit APINK.NET
Thanks to 05amymay@youtube for the tips!

[2nd mini album]

01 He's My Baby
02 MY MY
03 Yeah
04 꿈결처럼 (Like A Dream)
05 Prince

A CUTE album from A Pink! <3


  1. Minhwan likes Bomi... i don't know what to do.. TTTT-TTTT

  2. yeke? Bomi is kindda cute..I love her too..hahah

  3. lol but but minnie is my husband who doesn't know it yet. lol

    why is the magnae always the tallest n the oldest looking in most groups?

  4. hahah..i thot ur husband is only hongki..hahahha!

    yeah tau xpe!! pelik betul XD

  5. u guys have to keep up with me laa, kan dh 2 tahun bkali2 ckp i dh divorce hongki, he's not my fave anymore, even tho i still love him. Minhwan is the one for me now ^^

  6. lol ok2 jgn marah2 :) hahha..ok, minhwan is yours..heheheh

  7. hey guys, i camt find the remix of my my?

  8. @anon- I think they didn't released the audio for remix version, only perform on the stage..u can find their remix version performance at youtube ok :D

  9. Does anyone know who is the backup singer on MY MY..i think it YoSeob but my sister said HyunSeung..can anybody help me?

  10. @anon- ermm..I can't find who is the real backup singer for this song..but it sound like Yoseobie voice..hahaha..I'm not sure though..sorry :(

  11. It sound like Yoseob right??anyway thanks~~
    <3 Apink


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