03 December 2011

Trouble Maker (JS/Hyunseung of B2ST & Hyuna of 4Minute) MV & Mini Album [Tracklist]

Let's get to it! A unit group from Cube Entertainment has been circling the web like a house lit on fire, I needed a couple days to recuperate from this hot phenomenon.. but I don't think it worked. Here we have Hyuna from 4Minute and Jang Hyunseung from B2ST, known as JS in this unit group called Trouble Maker!

These two must be the most compatible cutest & sexiest couple yet to be paired. A combination of Chic & Sexy with an awesome Hip-Hop/R&B song taste, the Trouble Maker project is set to explode the stage! Two teaser MVs set off the fans from the extreme chemistry the two have and I can't help but say they are adorable. If you love 4Minute or B2st you MUST check out this mv!

Trouble Maker MV:


The first line goes JS: When I look into your eyes, I'm a Trouble Maker.
Hyuna: When I am with you, I'm a Trouble Maker.
What I should say next is: When I watch the two of you, I feel like I'm in trouble......

Here's the Tracklist:

01 - Trouble Maker
02 - 듣기 싫은 말 (The Words I Don't Wanna Hear)
03 - Time ft. Rado 라도) [Hyuna's Solo]
04 - 아무렇지 않니 (I Don't Mind) [JS Solo]

Panda Says: I recommend Trouble Maker and The Words I Don't Wanna Hear, I just absolutely love these two together! The solos are good as well XD.

Below are the teasers, & Trouble Maker's performance to tease us from the MAMA 2011 awards, yes JS & Hyuna kiss lip to cheek (you have to see with clearer cam though), so cute! Hyunseung's cheek is so tembam....

Teaser #1:

Teaser #2

MAMA Awards Teaser Performance:


  1. Loveee trouble maker!! tp jeles laa ngan hyuna!! x suka sgt dia ngan hyunseung ni..dah rr sexy terlebih!!! hahahaha..

    Album ni mmg terbaik!!

    Waaa, he kissed hyuna mmg xleh bla!! I watched it and then terus mcm benci hyuna gila skang dah ok dahh..hahaha..

    lps ni msti de sub unit yg lain.. beast ngan 4min gak..waaa jeles nyerrr!!!

  2. haha im sry awin i dno how u feel, cz its not my boys yet lol.

    i dunno y i dont feel any jealousy for some reason, hyunseung is like one of my top beast boys but i like them together they're so sweet. only a sexy guy can match a sexy girl rite? haha just as long as its not joonhyung i guess haha.

  3. argghhh ntahlaa mcm i don't like any my beast boys with any girls, serious jealous dowh! but dgn 4min at least ok kot bcoz they're in same company..like siblings dah..

    But if diorang couple btul2 mmg xleh terima kot!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH :p


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