15 December 2011

U-Kiss - Tick Tack PV & Japanese Major Debut Album!

Let me start off by saying that this is THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF U-KISS EVER!!! Perhaps even one of the best this entire year. From the daebak precision of the "TICK-TACK" choreography to the amazing full-on sound throttle, U-Kiss has defined how far they can go to exceed expectations!

I will just let you watch because despite being a japanese debut, its a MAJOR debut into the mainstream japan which explains the explosive concept & impeccable lyrics. Plus, everyone is fricking awesome. Soohyun & Hoon's vocal mash is just epic. as well as the most heart-pounding rapping from the brilliant three Eli, AJ & Dongho and in fast japanese! Main vocal Kevin is joined by Kiseop who's tremendously improved on his singing.



So?? XD I couldn't help hanging my mouth open when I first saw this. I really wish this was their Korean comeback song but oh well, its still really good.

The lyrics portray a guy (U-Kiss) who keeps lying to their girlfriend, keeping her clinging on a string, but he doesn't understand why she stays with him. As time goes on, he just keeps on lying because that's just who he is.

I tried to see what Tick Tack means, but all I could find was that it was Tick Tock in Swedish haha I don't think I'm looking at the right meaning lol. I dunno about you but AJ looks more and more like Song Seunghyun of FTI haha sorry but it makes me like him more! I love these boys to death!


01 - Tick Tack
02 - Coincidence
03 - 0330 (Piano & Chorus ver.)
04 - Tick Tack (inst.)
05 - Coincidence (inst.)

Panda Says: Its a single album you're sure to enjoy, its impacted me quite heavily at first listen. 0330 in Japanese with piano is just extremely soothing. I just love U-Kiss yall~


  1. yeay!! i'm the first one to comment!! :) by the way,, is it tonight or to lie...because the lyric in another website says to lie...yeah...kinda weird..

  2. XD OMG!! I thought i Died and went to heaven for a second, one of the Best MV i have seen this year, and i swear by it. Omigod, those boys. I just loved how all of their voices balanced out everything, and i think they did an amazing job with the english. I guess that 'cause two of the members were born in here in the states and all of the members speak english. Love U-KISS

  3. @anon 1 - i was quite confused about this too, because some parts sound like "tonight" in the beginning, but the second sentence of the chorus sounds like "to lie" which would actually fit in better with the song meaning.

    @anon2 - i know right! haha one of my fave vids of the year they're so perfect haha. yeah their english is the best out of all groups i think because of eli, kevin and aj from the US ^^.

  4. where to buy the 'Tick Tack' album in malaysia?

  5. @김 윤은혜 - hi, i'm not so sure if it's available yet in Malaysia, but most likely you can check Speedy's Video, Rock Corner, Video Ezy they have a lot of korean & japanese albums =)


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