01 December 2011

Happy Pledis (After School, Pledis Boys & Son Dambi) - Love Letter MV!

Yeay! The next family song is from Happy Pledis!

After School, Pledis Boys and Son Dambi singing together for a lovely Christmas song, "Love Letter"! I saw two unknown girls in the MV, I'm not sure who are they, but many said that their names are Yoo Ara and Hyelim..

Cred: pledisartist

Aww After School girls are the goddess! They are really gorgeous! I like Jungah! She get to sing many lines :) Hehe. Son Dambi is also beautiful as always. I think all of them are like models, they are tall (except Raina XD) and so pretty~~

Haa, Pledis Boys are going to debut next year! Omoo, I can't wait to watch their MV and talents. They all look cute :) One of them was featured in Orange Caramel, "Shanghai Romance".

Take a look at 7 members of Pledis Boys's pictures down here. I don't know their names yet '=.=

Furthermore, Pledis Ent. released a mini-abum consist of 3 Christmas songs and a remix version of "Love Love Love" from After School :)

[2012 Happy Pledis]

01 Love Letter
02 Winter's Tale
03 어떤가요 (How Are You)
04 After School - Love Love Love (Remix Ver.)

After School's voices would cheer you up on this upcoming Christmas holiday! ^^

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  1. I like the pledis boys, they're very cute. that one that looks like mini lee junki from shanghai romance is so funny! he's so cute too lol.


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