13 October 2011

Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance MV + [Tracklist]

Ok, they're like dolls ^^

Orange Caramel is back with a new single, "Shanghai Romance". This time it's in Shanghai, before was Bangkok, the next destination will be?! Hahaha =D

Cred: pledisartist

Another cute song from them! Love it! They are the best group debuted with a cute concept! Gosh, who is that hot guy??! I bet he's one of After School Boys members. Hahaha.. Pledis, please let After School Boys debut quickly~~


01 샹하이 로맨스 (Shanghai Romance) [NEW]
02 눈을 감아 (Keep Your Eyes Closed) [Nana's Solo] [NEW]
03 이 곳에 서서 (The Day You Went Away)

Nana's solo song is sweet~ Her voice is so tiny! lol XD

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