19 October 2011

Secret - Love Is Move MV + Moving In Secret Album [Tracklist]

"Love Is Move" MV was finally out! Wahhh, SNSD's The Boys also has been revealed! Secret will face against SNSD for this week. I love both groups, I didn't want to bash anyone here okayh :) So, let's watch Secret's latest MV~


I love Secret because they have their own identity and yeah, they are sexy esp Hyosung and Zinger. Hahaha! Their songs are awesome and very addictive, that's why I love them <3 "Love Is Move" is like a retro song with modern moves, actually most of Secret's dance movements are very easy to dance, very simple choreography. Well, they are so energetic lohh~ Seonhwa's part is my fav! Heheh XD

01 사랑은 (Move)
02 섹시하게 (Sexy)
03 웃지 좀 마 (Don't Laugh)
04 Movie Star
05 Amazinger (Zinger Solo)
06 Together
07 바래 (Hope)
08 Bastard
09 Neverland
10 사랑은 (Move) (Inst.)

Haaa, I'm going to listen for the album when I get home next week. I wanna download all the latest song! Haha =D

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