22 October 2011

The Boss (대국남아) Lady MV Teaser!

Dae Guk Nam Ah is back!!

Ah my The BOSS boys are back! I'm so happy to be expecting their korean comeback ..this month?? Oh well. The music teaser of their 2nd Korean single "Lady" and you can clearly see the transformation and growth the boys experiences to turn into young suave gentlemen in black suits sooo sexyyyy *happyface*. The thing about The Boss that I like is that they are always so fresh and lively no matter what they do!

Lady MV Teaser:


If you've been wondering what Dae Guk Nam Ah has been up to since their hiatus from Korea, they have been promoting non-stop in Japan, reaching fame for their Love Power 1st single, then moving on to Love Bingo, and lastly Love Parade as their japanese name Daikoku Danji (大国男児). Haha a lot of Love. While you wait for their comeback, check out the recent "Love Parade" PV of these most adorable boys!! The other PVs are just as fun!

[JP] Love Parade PV:



  1. wahh..dah lme x dgr psal the boss! makin handsome n matured laa diorang..hahaha..

    eh, i ske jay gak laa dlm love parade..so cute! hahaha..

  2. haha i know rite!! i was going to write, Jay is so freaking cute he's making me melt in love parade XD he's taller now awww magnaeeee!

    i cant wait till they come back i miss them so muchh


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