06 October 2011

Boyfriend - Don't Touch My Girl MV + 2nd Single Album [Tracklist]

Nan naui Boyfriend~ Aww, their song is still playing in my head. Haha. Yesterday, Boyfriend has released their new MV for their title track, "Don't Touch My Girl". They also released their 2nd single album that contains 5 tracks including the intro and instrumentals. Let's watch their MV below :-

Cred: starshiptv

Hahaha, which one is Youngmin? Kwangmin? Please somebody tell me! The one who's rap is Kwangmin right? He looks handsome with a new haircut. Jeongmin, my fav! He is so cute in here!!~ The girl [Lee Se Young] who is dating with the boys. Lol~  Love their outfits! This is not a "cute" song like "Boyfriend" song but I like this kind of song, it shows their vocal talents and rapping as well :)

The tracklist for the single album~

01. You’re My Lady
02. Don’t Touch My Girl
03. Jum Jum Jum / Little By Little
04. Don’t Touch My Girl (Inst.)
05. Jum Jum Jum / Little By Little (Inst.)

1 comment:

  1. i actually really like this song! it reminds me of infinite's can u smile. happy lyrics at first then u realize its actually a sad song, aww makes me tear up really.

    haha the dance is also like infinite dunno why haha. but yeah i like this song good job boyfriend! lol


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