13 October 2011

Secret's "Love is Move" Teaser!

Waaa, I'm so excited that SECRET will make their comeback! They have just revealed their MV teaser for the new song, "Love Is Move" today, check it out guys..

Cred: TSENT2008

Okayh, their song gonna be a hit song like "Madonna"! Hahaha, well, they are too sexy for me :p I like their concept before in "Starlight Moonlight" more. Hehe, yeah but SECRET is still one of my fav girl group! =D I'm waiting for their full song and MV!!~


  1. whoaa secret all of a sudden went back to sexy? lol well i do prefer them this way than the cutesy songs lol. at first i thot hyosung was jieun haha.

    omg i actually cant wait to see the full mv, looks like the dance will be awesome..

  2. I was waiting for the release of the album snsd boys, curious about snsd. can not wait,,
    thanks good article:)

  3. @andry- thanks! Owh, I already posted about SNSD's The Boys MVs..you can visit here -http://effpoo4our.blogspot.com/2011/10/snsdgirls-generation-boys-mv-kor-eng.html

    Secret's Love Is Move MV here - http://effpoo4our.blogspot.com/2011/10/secret-love-is-move-mv-moving-in-secret.html

    Enjoy ^^


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