17 March 2012

B1A4 - Baby I'm Sorry MV + The B1A4 ’IGNITION’ [Tracklist]

Kyaa~ dah lama dah tak update! hahaha

Gongchan's blonde hair is killing me XD

B1A4 is back with their 1st ever full-length album this month! I'm so proud of them actually, they are one of my favourite rookie group :D Agrhh, I'm still waiting a video call from them through StarCall. Hehe. I already received 2 calls from FT Island and 2 calls from Teen Top, haha *excited*! ^^

The five talented boys of B1A4 have finally returned with their newest album release titled, 'THE B1A4 [IGNITION]'! The title track is, "Baby I'm Sorry".

Cred: chB1A4

The best song from B1A4! Waa, they look very different right! Baro is very handsome with that hair style lol :p Jinyoung looks so cute~ Fyi, this song was written and produced by Jinyoung himself  *clap clap*

01 Baby I’m Sorry
02 This Time Is Over
03 So Fine
04 Super Sonic
05 둘만 있으면 (Just The Two of Us)(Baro Solo Feat. Min Of miss A)
06 웃어봐 (Smile)
07 Feeling
08 짝사랑 (Crush) (Sandeul Solo)
09 You Are My Girl
10 Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)
11 Baby I’m Sorry (Inst.)

In related news, the boys continue to top various charts with many of their 9 new songs released on their album. My fav tracks are #01, #05-Baro's solo!,#06 and *10!! Ballad or slow R&B songs are actually suit them better. Sandeul's vocal is DAEBAK!! Thumbs up for B1A4:D


  1. i love this group! yeah rookies need a 2nd year for aox to like them hahaha. i LOVE jinyoung, and he wrote the song? that's brilliant!

    OMG soooo jealous la awin i wanna get phone call from ftiiii tp i xde smartphone kekeke..

  2. @aox- hehe,i dpt video call from jonghun and minhwan :D

  3. OMG so jealousss especially baby minnie, dyu know what he said to u?

  4. Hrmmm x phm pun dia ckp ape..hahaha..phm annyeong je :-P


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