29 September 2011

Sung Si Kyung’s 7th Album – Even Now MV + Performance

Ballads ballads ballads, I give you the Prince of Ballads! I really want to call him the King but I guess he’s too young still to be King, but talk about having seven albums under your belt already, I praise thee. Sung Shi Kyung (성시경) is the best when melting down girls like me with his melodiously addicting voice.

The title track is (Even Now) 난 좋아 . The song is about two people who had a deep past relationship, thinking they would be each other's last, but it didn't end up that way. Oh! This MV made me want to cry, the song is so sweet I love it from the beginning to ending piano. Sung Si Kyung is also pretty hot in sunglasses haha I'm a sucker for cute crooked teeth and a lovely voice.

난 좋아 (Even Now) MV:

Plans never end up the way we think, apparently Sung Si Kyung thinks so too as, the other comback song Sung Shi Kyung performed 오 나의 여신님 (Oh My Goddess) is climbing higher in the music charts! I like both a lot but you guys decide the verdict.

Music Bank Performance "Even Now":

cr: kbsworld


01 – 처음 (First)
02 – 노래가 되어 (It’s A Song)
03 – 네가 불던 날 (You Blew Me Away)
04 – 난 좋아 (Even Now)
05 – 우리 참 좋았는데 (Duet With 박정현) (We’re So Happy - Duet with Park Jung Hyun/Lena Park)
06 – 아니면서 (Not You)
07 – 태양계 (Solo System)
08 – 오 나의 여신님 (Oh My Goddess)
09 – Thank you
10 – 끝에 (The End)
11 – 그대네요 (Duet With 아이유) (It’s You - Duet With IU) [Bonus Track]
12 – 너는 나의 봄이다 (You Are My Spring) [Bonus Track]

Panda says: Ahh I’m in love with every track in the album! I recommend everything in this, one of the best ballad albums I’ve ever had the fortune to listen to. The guilty pleasures that bring me to my knees are First (great lullaby), It's a Song, You Blew Me Away, Solar System (oh soooo sweet), and The End (scarily silently amazing, one of those hauntingly beautiful songs sorta reminds me of IU's The Story I Didn't Know).

Of course I love upbeat track Oh My Goddess, the lyrics (if you ever go looking for it) is absolutely the cutest thing because it explains exactly about one that is falling in love especially during this sweet Autumn season.

Who can forget the bonus tracks? The duet song with IU I'm not too fond of, because I know the two can do better with a better track, even though it’s a pretty decent song, I want another one that projects a great mix of their vocal abilities.

And last but not least, the first time I fell in love with Mr. Sung Shi Kyung was with You Are My Spring, from watching SBS Secret Garden, thank goodness for OST!

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