29 September 2011

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense Album + MVs

Brown Eyed Girls
are back! From a long hiatus to an awaited comeback, Jea, Ga-In, Narsha and Miryo are ready to blow the music scene with their new latin/italian inspired sound.

Title song Sixth Sense is about how we should attain another type of sense other than the five senses to understand the songs of Brown Eyed Girls’ new album. Sixth Sense is really upbeat, with a sick marching beat, the only part that throws me off is the “pop” chorus part, I don't think its as catchy as it should.

Other than that, the girls are sexier than ever they look amazing! Miryo is awesome, Narsha is well Narsha, Jea is cool and Ga-in looks a little groggy, scary lol. Don't forget how Miryo’s raps are absolutely delectable.

Sixth Sense MV:

Hot Shot MV:

cr: officalbeg

BEG travels through Thailand recording this song for this MV.

Under is the tracks & concept pics!


01 – Swing It Shorty (intro)
02 – Sixth Sense
03 – Hot Shot
04 – La Boheme
05 – 불편한 진실 (An Inconvenient Truth)
06 – Lovemotion
07 – Countdown (Interlude)
08 – Vendetta
09 - Sixth Sense [inst.]

Panda says: I really actually miss Brown Eyed Girls electronic house music pop instead of this new style, maybe they’re experimenting but the experiment didn’t let me grow my sixth senses just yet.

The songs I like the feel of Lovemotion and An Inconvenient Truth, because of its sort of Sunny Hill’s Pray beautiful song structure. I don’t mind Vendetta also because its catchy spurring again the rebellious nature of the girls' album. The song Sixth Sense I just love the bass beats, but its starting to repeat play in my head, owh good sign? lol.







  1. Yeahhh!! BEG is back!! waaa, Narsha sexy nak matii!!! tp bleh diterima laa sbb diorang dah tua..hahahahha..lagu pun pelik gak..MV lg laa pelik..xphm..mcm MV "Sign" je..huh~ tp kalau dgr byk kali maybe best kot..

    yg lagu Hot Shot best laa =DD

    harap2 diorang menang any music shows laa..punya la lame tggu BEG nak comeback ni..hahaa

  2. haha yeah adult idols lol. i know rite i have no idea what the mv is about, but i thk the mv is really cool, especially miryo's part.

    lagu ni xstuck at first, but i thk mmg nnti kne stuck gle2 haha. BEGGG


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