03 September 2011

2NE1 sings UGLY acoustic version

I love singing this song after watching "The Wallflower" haha

Ah! Haven't posted anything on the ferocious ladies of 2NE1 for a while. On the latest episode of 2NE1 TV Live: Worldwide, the girls take it up with their new single to sing acoustic! Acoustic meaning without, any electronic beats, sounds or autotunes, but I don't remember if there is autotune in the original UGLY.


Well the girls at first take the song very seriously but then goes for a fun outlook. I'm AMAZED at CL's vocal range! Incredibly impressed, I didn't know it was that good. Also Bom's voice is always beautiful, Dara is also a pretty good singer actually, her voice is so tiny & cute. I can tell Minzy looks up to Bom and CL on their powerful voices and the magnae even though she's younger than me can make my singing look like its not even worth the price of dirt lol. Enjoy!


  1. mak aihh, kuat gila suara CL! haahhaa..eh, i thought acoustic ada guitar je, no electric guitar, drummer sume..hehe..but this is actually so awesome! Singing live :)

    Minzy looks chubby laaa

    btw, sume vokal MANTAP laa! Park Bom <333

    UGLY is my fav!! yeahhh!! 2NE1 jjang!!~

  2. @awin - haha yeah CL wow such good vocals love it, im so jealous but i love it. minzy is cute even though she's younger than me i feel like she's wayyyy more mature hahaha.

    @meer oppa - haha awesome! black jacks! XD

  3. WOW! it sounds so different!


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