14 September 2011

Sweet Revenge - Rule Breaker MV + Tracklist

i am Rule Breaker!

A new rock band has emerged into the mainstream k-pop! Sweet Revenge (스윗리벤지) has been an indie band for 3 years in the town of Hongdae, they are made up of Kim So Young (singer & guitar), Kim Mijung (guitar), Lee Hwayeon (bass) and Jang Hyuna (drummer)!

I’m usually not too keen on newbies or girl groups haha I can be biased sometimes but, I recommend you this new sound! They’re not bad looking, but styling is important and I think they have a japanese-girl-rock-band flair. It’s the first girl group to play rock and play it well as I see it. I was waiting for FNC to come out with a girl band first but eh, its okay I like listening to Rule Breaker for the time being!

cr: kbsworld

So.. what do you think? I like how all of them can ACTUALLY play their instruments, instead of playing the pretty face card or having stupid concepts, I like how the band is really talented in their field. True they are nicknamed “the SNSD of Hongdae” by the Korean masses but its only because of the front singer being similar in looks with Taeyeon of SNSD. They don’t need to be bashed okay! They are not asking for that nickname, but comparisons are how people recognize new artists easier.

Music Bank Performance:
cr: 9bokshd

Soon they will be known for their own colors and people will compare other bands to Sweet Revenge!


01 – Rule Breaker
02 – Space Monster (intro)
03 – Space Monster
04 – Love Virus

Panda says: I like them, but the best track is Rule Breaker. People might say the singer’s voice is not so favourable, but it fits the song’s indie vibe well, with just a typical voice for Rule Breaker I think it would be too mainstream pop and not as special. Everyone, let’s bring more rock to the Korean main scene!

Sweet Revenge international forum: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Sweet_Revenge_Virus/index.php
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/gosweet

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  1. to anyone who needs it in FLAC :


    ps-it is in 'IMAGE' rip format. to split the tracks, you may use CUETools (http://www.cuetools.net/wiki/Main_Page)


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