09 February 2012

Wonder Girls – The DJ is Mine MV & Single

he is mine! jk..

And the Wonder Girls… are back! Back in the USA that is. The girls have recently premiered their “Wonder Girls – The Movie” on Nickelodeon on February 2nd and the ending song the girls sang was “The DJ is Mine” featuring co-stars the American, Nick Cannon produced, group School Gyrls.

Wonder Girls - The DJ is Mine (feat. School Gyrls) MV

cr: wondergirls

As for the movie yes I thought it was a pretty good movie! Not lame at all like I though it would be admittingly. But overall the Wonder Girls spoke in some really good English, especially Ye Eun (aka Yenny) and Sunye who surprised me. I’d watch it again cause I love happy movies like that with no worries haha.

The only thing I didn’t like is that they never performed a whole song, not even once. At the beginning there is a new English song the Wonder Girls sings called "Like Money", then they sang English versions of Nobody, Be My Baby and lastly The DJ is Mine which I think got cut off to commercial. Haa…

01 – The DJ is Mine
02 – The DJ is Mine (feat. School Gyrls)
03 – The DJ is Mine [inst.]

Panda: Like the song yeah! I wish they had put Like Money in the album, the song is a standard US type of good song. I guess we have to wait for their full album later huh? The DJ is Mine has a good beat to dance too but for me it’s the kind of song that gets stuck in my head such as the line “he is mine!” Its like Brandy and Monica fighting for the boy again hihi..

Check out the movie it's good!

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