09 February 2012

Nine Muses brings good News! MV + Single

News by Nine Muses is a great comeback! Finally Nine Muses are given a chance to showcase their talent with a great song. It is one of my favourites this year so far and it was only released in the second week of January.

New member Kyungri joins Nine Muses with this comeback I’m not too familiar with who is who so I put down the guideline below. I sure do love their vocals! Check out their MV below.


cr: loenent

@0:13 Sam
@0:27 Hyemi
@0:38 Sera
@0:45 Kyungri
@0:51 Hyuna
@1:01 Eunji
@1:14 Erin
@2:18 Minha (maknae)

01 – News
02 – News [inst.]

Panda: Two thumbs up from me!

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