13 February 2012

Block B - Nanrina/Go Crazy + Welcome to the Block [Tracklist]

On Feb 1, Block B is back with their 2nd mini album "Welcome to the Block"!The mini album contains six tracks in all and five of the tracks were composed by Block B's Zico himself. They also made 'Nanrina' as their title track and at the same time released the MV for Nanrina.

Cred: BrandnewStardom

What an interesting MV! hehe, this is the 2nd time I'm listening to Nanrina, it's quite addictive, "goo goo gaa gaa (2x)~~" haha. Jaehyo omoo you are so handsome! my bias in Block B ^^ Their choreography are funny but fun to watch XD lol U-kwon's line "idk idk idk but im hot hot" haha he is so cute :pp

01 LOL
02 난리나 (Nanrina/ Go Crazy)
03 했어 안했어 (Did You or Did You Not)
04 Synchronization 100%
05 Action
06 난리나 (Nanrina/Go Crazy)(Inst.)

LOL?! HAHAHA, Block B is totally the best korean hip-hop idol group! I see that Block B has many fans since their debuted, well I'm not a big fan of Block B but I still sometimes listen to their songs :D


  1. hey i like this song actually! and the mv the boys are really unexpectedly good looking and distinct. very interested in them now, i like their vibe its like a past big bang, u know before bb had all the glamourized looks lol.

    like it a lot! i thk i like the pretty blonde hair vocal and the red head rapper lol.

  2. hahah, catchy kan lagu ni..ok laa ^^

    omoo azra! i like them too..lol, jaehyo n u-kwon..hahaha

  3. haha ooo thats their names? ok haha anything la haha. block b is cool

  4. totally hook up to this song. 1st time dgr da cam woh pas2 rasa nak dancing2 tarian gorila dorang XD

    fuyoo zico yang mana?

    kenal jaehyo je cause obviously he's extra handsome XD tapi muka dia static, awkward pun ada haha he's voice sedap apa, tapi dapat nyanyi 2 line je :(

  5. Zico yg byk rap..rmbut pendek blonde..

    Omg jaehyo handsome gler kot!! Waa~~


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