09 February 2012

T-ARA Lovey Dovey MV + Welcome to Funkytown album!

Sorry we turned this page into a ghost town for the past couple months! We were busy throughout Christmas and Chinese New Year Breaks so well I’m still really swamped now but I feel like I have to post before more comebacks appear and more new groups debut, so here we go!

First of all I’d like to wish everyone on behalf of Effpoo4our Happy New Year for 2012! May we don’t have to get ourselves too busy to neglect K-Pop XD haha..

T-ARA was the first main group to comeback this year with the explosive hit Lovey Dovey! Now I’m sure loads of you have listened to this song a million times, well its still stuck in my head actually and I still love it.

Core Contents Media stated there would be 5 all in all different types of Lovey Dovey music videos, which I think is a bit overbearing, but so far we have seen 3 versions, perhaps they thought it was overbearing too. Lovey Dovey promotions are almost finished for T-ARA. BUT for the upcoming “SPEED” aka CO-ED boys debut, the boys are going to come out with “Lovey Dovey Plus” this February! If this is anything like TTL and TT Listen 2 promotions I’m surely looking forward to this!

Enjoy the Lovey Dovey MVs and We Were In Love MV from Davichi & T-ARA.

1) Drama Version (continued from Cry Cry)

cr: Loenent

2) Tokyo Version

cr: Loenent

3) Zombie (좀비) Version (my fave!)

cr: Loenent

[Eng Sub] We Were in Love (T-ARA & Davichi)

cr: thekpopsubber3

01 – Lovey Dovey
02 – We Were In Love (Davichi & T-ARA)
03 – Lovey Dovey (Club Remix Ver.)

Panda: I love both versions of the song! And “We Were in Love” with Davichi is outstanding! It was weird when I saw Kang Min Kyung rap but she’s always wanted to so I support her though I do prefer Hyomin and Eunjung to rap hihi. T-ARA hwaiting!

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