11 February 2012

Miryo aka Johoney Solo Debut!

you're dirty hey!

Miryo can be said as the fiercest adult idol rapper in the k-scene. To me she is second only to the great Yoon Mi Rae sunbaenim among the Korean female rappers I listen to. What a debut it is! Nega Network has done great work on their girls focusing well on each of their solos, from Gain’s Irreversible to Narsha’s Bbi Ri Bba Ba do you still remember? And now its Miryo’s turn to shine with “Dirty”!

Dirty is a song about everything that happens to be wrong with a guy during that moment that makes you feel like breaking up with them. I swear I love this song! After watching the MV & listening to the lyrics Miryo has done a great job at describing everything perfectly! “I’m so sick of you! I’m so sick of you!” The MV isn’t scary like I thought it would be, but extremely funny XD.

[Eng Sub] Miryo – Dirty MV

cr: kpopsubs2

Sorry I’m using and eng sub version, but you won’t get it until you read the subtitles for us like me who don’t understand Korean that well. Ughh I wish I could sing this out to all the ex-es it would be a great reliever..

Miryo says Johoney derives from Jo her real last name and Honey from Honey Family the company she records her solo debut with as a fresh start to reuniting with her previous relationship with Honey Family. Check out concept pics below I am in love with Miryo’s hair in the candy concept pictures, she looks so un-Miryo like at first seeing her sexy more feminine side, but the guns bring out the badass in Miryo hehe.

Miryo - I Love You, I Love You (feat. Sunny of SNSD)

cr: neganetwork


01 - Party Rock (feat. 개리 of 리쌍, THE KOXX) [feat. Gary of LeeSSang, The KOXX]
02 – DIRTY
03 – 사랑해 사랑해 (feat. 써니 of 소녀시대) [I Love You, I Love You feat. Sunny from Girls’ Generation]
04 – Revenger (feat. 루드페이퍼) [feat. Rude Paper]
05 - Leggo (feat. 나르샤 of 브라운아이드걸스) [feat. Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls]

Panda: I recommend DIRTY, the “what da f..!!” part at first I didn’t understand why it was like that, instead it should be F… you!! but it wouldn’t sound as good haha. I like I Love You, I Love You, oh this makes me miss Oh Won Bin who also sang a song called “I Love You, I Love You” with Miryo last year. Leggo is also good.

Miryo writes all her own raps and even other lyrics. Miryo said she was trying to make a party themed album, but she said it ended up a break-up album instead haha. Well its good that her first album is so spirited!


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