12 July 2012

2NE1's I Love You MV + Inkigayo Performance

Sorry I took a while to post the MV, its good now that I can add the SBS Inkigayo performance too! 2NE1 comes back with "I Love You" ooo oo ooo oo~ This track is a mix of 2NE1's signature club sound and R&B verses. Its like 2NE1 and Big Bang's sound is getting more and more similar isn't it?

I like the song, but I thought the verses took too long. My favorite part is when it hits 3:30 where the pace gets faster and CL and BOM is like "I love you everyday, don't get away, take me away!" A bit of english error there but let's not sweat the small stuff.

Animals! Animals on the stage!! O.O Omg 2NE1 can really take performance to another level. What's next a circus on the stage? CL has a parrot on her shoulder (like the pirate that she is). But then for "I Love You" stage there are white and black swans all over the front stage. I wonder what they think of the song..


Jo Kwon's Animal Performance + BTS Inkigayo

So did you guys watch Jo Kwon's comeback episode on Inkigayo yesterday? It was amazingg!! Wasn't it?? Jo Kwon performed Animal then I'm Da One, his title track.

Animal performance, I have to say I kept my eyes open the whole time! Jokwon is wearing 19.5 cm heels and dancing! That's like 7.7 inches! I can't even walk properly in 2 inch ones. Jokwon is awesomee, the song is so awesome already, I told you guys its my favorite. I'm so impressed with his confidence with his transformation of something like a male Lady Gaga + Adam Lambert. Jo Kwon did want to show something that only he can pull off. =D

Here's Jokwon's crazy boy practice video for Animal, sorry I can only get you guys the BTS Inkigayo performance, SBS disabled the videos. So below is the MBC Music Core version!

cr: ibighit

MBC Music Core (ft. Jung Ho Suk of Bulletproof Boy Scouts)
cr: mbckpop

05 July 2012

ZE:A Spectacular album + Aftermath MV

Wow! Where did this comeback come from? Our favorite 9-member boyband is back, it's been awhile right? ZE:A (Children of Empire) releases their 2nd album "Spectacular" with title track "Aftermath".

Finally you can see that ZE:A has grown a lot, they all look really mature and handsome, not children anymore! I can name all the members of ZE:A now I'm so shocked, I think by now you can too. Enjoy the MV & the triple decker concept photos below!

Aftermath 후유증 MV

2NE1's I Love You (Teasers)

Yeay! 2NE1 is coming back along with their original glitzy ritz and luxurious hip hop image. They haven't released a korean song since around this time last year. The girls have been busy with their Japanese and US debut, working with Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and whatnot, I'm totally looking forward to that!

Anyways "I Love You" is a simple dance track that is more of a mellow version of 2NE1 but still with their prominent electronic sound. The full song by itself is ---okay, but it grows on you the more you listen. I can't wait to see the MV, is there going to be a storyline? Dara's hair is a pink-purple ombre and I love Bom's red and orange hair, finally Minzy's hair is a normal color and well CL is still blonde lol.

Well, we'll just have to hold on a bit longer, here are the teasers! (Why doesn't Minzy have a teaser?)

I Love You (Teaser)

Stay tuned on SBS Inkigayo for their comeback on 8th July (Sunday). For Malaysians, 2NE1's comeback episode will air on the 18th July (Wednesday) the following week.

03 July 2012

Super Junior is Sexy, Free & Single [MV + Photobook Translation]

Super Junior is back as 10 along with recently military-released Kangin! SuJu is taking another hard shot at fangirls with "Sexy, Free & Single" album. The concept pics I have to say are really misleading because the MV is completely "beautiful male" concept free. Although the SuJu boys do look really good already as they are.

"Sexy, Free & Single" I have to say is really good. I'm not the biggest SuJu fan but I like a few of their songs. Its a subtle electronica song that I would totally listen to! And the entire album is actually pretty good as well, none of that dat-dat-dat-dat nonsense here. I'm glad Super Junior is experimenting with non-autotune songs, they've great vocals.

Sexy, Free & Single MV

At first I lol-ed I thought they said "sexy, free and single, I'm ready to mingle". But then I found out it was "sexy free and single, I'm ready too, bingo!" Omo, the meaning becomes more =.=

Tracklist, concept pics, photobook English translation below~

T-ARA DAY BY DAY MV is out! [Tracklist + Concept Pics]

(From left) Jiyeon, Soyeon, Hwayoung, Hyomin, Ahreum, Boram, Eunjung and Q-ri

Hurray! My other fave girl group T-ARA is having their comeback with the mysterious and melancholic "Day by Day".

I was VERY surprised that this time T-ARA comes back with a ballad. They've never done this before and I'm really excited that they can now confidently embrace their marvelous vocals as a title track. I was pretty sick of all the disco dubstep dance songs they've been popping up with. Its good to take a step back and just enjoy a good song..

New member Ahreum joins the T-ARA gang (the one with red streaks in her hair) as a vocalist in the song Day by Day. I actually like Hwayoung's rap this time. In the MV, 9th member Dani (who will not comeback with T-ARA for this song) stars as the blind but supernaturally powerful, "wanted" girl escorted by Hyomin. Watch in HD its epic~~



In the beginning the narrator says:
“Humans wanted to wear the clothes of Gods. They wanted to talk like Gods and reign like Gods. However, the Gods did not permit such thoughts of the humans.
In the destroyed world, humans became more like animals than animals themselves. Picking up knives in attempts to reign over one another, they started to slaughter one another.
But one day…
Rumors started spreading that among them was a girl who possessed special powers.
Jiyeon says: You know this person right? Where is she?”

Kim Bum's Home Town PV + Tracklist

Following up is another Flower 4, Kim Bum! Kim Bum recently released an album "Home Town" with his adorable self in the PV.

Yes! Kim Bum can sing and even in Japanese! His voice is very melodic and sweet and goes well with the soothing title track, makes me miss my home, even though I'm already home lol. Check it out~

Home Town (キム・ボム) PV

cr: ponycanyon


01 - Day Break
02 - My Old Friend
03 - Home Town
04 - Setsugekka
05 - Kimi no tame no Uta
06 - Yume no Atosaki

Kim Hyun Joong turns up the HEAT!

Aaaahhh I'm meltinggg..... Kim Hyun Joong is ready for some summer rockin' with his new single HEAT! This is a japanese single where KHJ teams up with rock gropu B'z whom he has always admired.

KHJ requested himself for this song and I'm glad they made the collaboration! The song is so fun to dance around with, Hyun Joong looks so happy to dabble his hand in a bit of J-Rock. Plus he's sizzling hot in the PV. Get ready for it, single drops July 4th!


Let's Party PV

SISTAR - Loving U MV + Concept Pics

I was really contemplating whether I should have posted this MV because it is so sexy sexy SEXY! SISTAR has fun in the sun travelling in Hawaii for Loving U!

They don't particularly try to look sexy but these girls are just so obviously undeniably hot! It's worse when swimwear comes into the picture along with sailor outfits. Anyways I love the song, its fun and cute summer song and the dance is fun as well. Check out their MV, Dance video, tracklist and concept photos~

Loving U MV

Loving U (Dance Choreography) Video

I wanna learn this, looks fun, but I don't have the body to look as good =/

29 June 2012

T-ARA's Day by Day teaser MV!

Whoaaaa.... I can't wait for all these comebacks soon, T-ARA, 2NE1, Super Junior, its all going to be daebakk!

I'm going to start freaking out about T-ARA, they will come back as a 8 member group including new member Ahreum. All T-ARA members are so pretty! Even the new ones. The 9th member is American-born Dani, but she's only in the teaser as an actress and will be with the group's consequent comeback.

Day by Day will be released on 3rd July. There will be a 20 minute drama music video.

Day by Day MV Teaser
cr: coremidas

I'm diggin the medieval Lord of the Rings flute intro, sounds super cool. The Sci-Fi scene is a brand new concept for T-ARA YAY for a storyline music video! Jiyeon looks hot even though I don't like her blonde hair, is she an underground mafia Queen?? Hyomin with red hair just shows how awesome she is. I think Dani is suppose to be blind in the story.. Ahh! I can't wait.

Here's a sneak peak of the new members..

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